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6 Key Breast Cancer Drugs Now More Affordable Thanks to 60-day Prescribing

A Leap Forward in Breast Cancer Treatment: 60-Day Prescriptions Now Available for Key Drugs
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In a significant stride for breast cancer treatment, six commonly prescribed drugs, including letrozole, anastrozole, and tamoxifen, can now be dispensed for 60 days with a single prescription.

This development, part of the second tranche of over 300 medicines, is a beacon of hope for those battling hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

Economic Relief for Patients

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) Director of Policy, Advocacy & Support Services, Vicki Durston, highlights the financial impact this change could have on patients.

With these hormone-blocking therapies often required for a decade or more, the 60-day prescriptions could save consumers hundreds of dollars, a crucial step in alleviating the financial burden associated with long-term treatment.

A Personal Perspective: Jodi Steel’s Story

Jodi Steel, a BCNA Consumer Representative diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, shares her journey with hormone-blocking therapies.

For her and many others, the 60-day prescriptions mean a significant reduction in treatment costs, potentially halving the expenses.

Beyond monetary benefits, it also eases the strain on resources, from fewer GP visits to streamlined prescription refills.

Addressing Financial Toxicity

In BCNA’s 2017 report on breast cancer’s financial impact, out-of-pocket costs averaged around $5,000, with some cases reaching a staggering $21,000.

The move towards 60-day prescriptions is a crucial step in addressing financial toxicity, particularly for those in lower socioeconomic groups already facing disparities in accessing breast cancer care.

A Unified Advocacy Effort

BCNA’s tireless advocacy, supported by groups like the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, has played a pivotal role in ushering in this positive change.

As Breast Cancer Network Australia continues its mission to provide information, support, and influence a robust healthcare system, this development marks a pivotal moment in enhancing care, treatment, and support for all Australians affected by breast cancer.