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AFK’s Adorable Koala Duo Wins Hearts

AFK's Adorable Koala Duo Wins Hearts
Image courtesy of | Bobby and Milo

February brings a unique celebration of love to the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) as it proudly unveils the Koala of the Month award for this Valentine’s season.

Meet the charming couple, Bobby and Milo, residents of Ballarat Wildlife Park, whose enchanting love story has captured the attention of wildlife enthusiasts.

Romeo and Juliet Down Under

Cass Hancock, Head Keeper at Ballarat Wildlife Park, affectionately describes Bobby and Milo as the Romeo and Juliet of the eucalyptus world.

Their constant cuddling, affectionate gestures, and shared treetop escapades make them the perfect embodiment of love among the gum trees.

A Growing Family Down Under

Bobby and Milo’s love affair has not only warmed hearts but also blessed the park with a little joey named Muffin.

Bobby, the charismatic ladies’ man, with his perpetual “milk moustache,” adores cuddling with keepers when Milo is catching up on her beauty sleep.

Emotional Lives of Koalas: A Love Reminder

Deborah Tabart, OAM, Chair of the Australian Koala Foundation, emphasises the importance of showcasing the emotional lives of Koalas.

She believes that Bobby and Milo’s story humanises these solitary creatures, highlighting their need for love and affection.

Preserving Koala Connections in Toowoomba

As Toowoomba residents celebrate the love story of Bobby and Milo, the Australian Koala Foundation invites everyone to participate in their adoption program. 

By adopting these Valentine’s Koalas, supporters not only contribute to the flourishing romance of this adorable duo but also play a vital role in preserving Koalas and their habitats.

For more information on adopting Bobby and Milo or contributing to the conservation initiatives, visit