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Council staff vote on Industrial Action

Council staff vote on Industrial Action

Introduction to Industrial Action Vote

Employees at Toowoomba Regional Council will vote on whether to start industrial action next week.

Members of the Services Union have been negotiating with the council for pay rises but are not satisfied with the current council proposal.

“The best chance our members have of achieving a suitable and reasonable wage outcome is a short, sharp shock of Protected Industrial Action,” the union said.

“Therefore, you are hereby notified that The Services Union will conduct a ballot of all members at Toowoomba Regional Council to determine whether to endorse protected industrial action in support of an acceptable pay offer.”

Details of Proposed Pay Rises

The union is seeking three pay rises over three years, comprising a first year rise of 8 per cent, followed by a second year rise of 6 per cent and a third year rise of 5 per cent.

Council’s Counter Offer

The council has offered rises of 6 per cent, 5 per cent and 4 per cent over the three years.

Members will vote on the proposal to start industrial action next week in an electronic ballot that will remain open until Thursday 27, June.