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Police start knife fight in the lead up to new laws

Police start knife fight in the lead up to new laws

Community Call to Action Before New Laws Take Effect

The Queensland Police Service has launched a new knife crime prevention campaign in the lead-up to new knife laws coming into effect in September.

The ‘End Knife Violence’ campaign urges Queenslanders to work together to make our state safer and end knife violence.

Stricter Knife Sales Laws

The campaign also aims to support awareness among businesses of their new responsibilities once legislation comes into effect.

The new laws, which ban the sale of knives to juveniles, will require retailers to securely store particular controlled items such as double-edged knives, machetes, tomahawks, and axes and display signage regarding age-restricted items.

Any advertising of knives or controlled items that suggests them ‘are’suitable for combat’ will be prohibited to curb further notoriety of weapon carrying.

The September introduction of the new knife sales laws follows the success of Jack’s Law, which was passed in March 2023.

Jack’s Law was introduced in response to the stabbing death of Jack Beasley on the Gold Coast in 2019. The law allows police to conduct metal detection wanding operations in Safe Night Precincts on public transport and at public transport hubs.

Enforcement Successes Highlight Need for Continued Knife Crime Prevention

More than 59,000 people have been ‘wanded’ during operations, with 1500 people charged with 2800 offences.

Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said the police service’s first priority was keeping the community safe.

“We have seen the devastating impacts from knife crime, including the lifelong trauma for victims, their families, and the community,” Commissioner Gollschewski said.

“Jack’s Law has been an incredible step forward in the fight against knife crime in Queensland.

“Alongside our enforcement efforts, these new laws will help stop young people from having access to these dangerous knives to begin with.”

More details:

Toll-free hotline for retailers: 1800 571 146

Businesses can register for an online session here:

Businesses can contact the National Retail team by emailing