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Queensland Seniors to Benefit from Returning Expos and Pop-Ups in 2024

Queensland Seniors to Benefit from Returning Expos and Pop-Ups in 2024
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Information and Support for Cost-of-Living Pressures

In a bid to provide vital information and support for older Queenslanders, Seniors Expos and Seniors Savings Pop-Ups are set to make a return in 2024.

These events aim to guide seniors in accessing up to $1.8 billion in concessions, offering relief from the rising cost of living.

Growing Attendance and Positive Impact

Since 2021, these events have witnessed more than 16,000 seniors actively participating. The Queensland Government, acknowledging the challenges faced by seniors, offers various concessions, including $1,072 off power, up to 50% off Translink services, and significant discounts on vehicle registration.

Face-to-Face Engagement at Senior Savings Pop-ups

The Seniors Savings Pop-ups, scheduled across Westfield centres, facilitate direct interaction with Queensland Government cards and concessions specialists.

These events empower seniors to sign up for a Queensland Seniors Card, granting access to a plethora of information on savings, concessions, and rebates.

Minister for Seniors Emphasises Support

Minister for Seniors, Charis Mullen, highlighted the Expos’ importance, especially in the face of increased living costs.

She urged seniors to actively participate, emphasising that these events provide a platform to voice concerns and ensure awareness about available concessions.

Connecting Seniors with Local Services

Beyond financial assistance, the expos offer seniors advice on staying safe at home and in the community. They serve as a conduit for connecting seniors with local services and programs that provide invaluable support.

Upcoming Seniors Savings Pop-ups

Commencing in March, Seniors Savings Pop-ups will be held at Westfield centres, offering seniors in Toowoomba and across Australia an opportunity to engage directly with specialists and enhance their understanding of available support.

In conclusion, the return of Seniors Expos and Seniors Savings Pop-ups is a positive step towards easing the burden on older Queenslanders, fostering a sense of community, and ensuring they are well informed about the various avenues of support available.