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Reflecting on Toowoomba’s Year: Enterprise Evening 2023

Reflecting on Toowoomba's Year: Enterprise Evening 2023
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Toowoomba Gathers for a Year-end Insight

The Oaks Hotel on Annand Street is poised to host the culmination of Toowoomba’s year on December 14, 2023, as the Toowoomba and Western Downs Regions’ mayors, alongside community leaders, convene for the December Enterprise Evening.

Key Figures Unite

Mayor Geoff McDonald of Toowoomba and Mayor Paul McVeigh from the Western Downs Region will headline this reflective event. Joined by TSBE CEO April Cavanagh, they aim to unpack the highs and lows of the past year.

It’s an opportunity for these influential figures to delve into the challenges faced and the victories celebrated, offering a rare insight into the region’s journey.

Insights Await

Sponsored by Heritage Bank, the evening promises updates on significant developments, including CEO Peter Lock’s report on the People’s Choice Credit Union merger.

For TSBE members, this gathering serves as a crucial opportunity to engage with leaders and gain exclusive insights into the region’s economic landscape.

Reflections and Future Horizons

As Toowoomba winds down for the year, the Enterprise Evening stands as a beacon of reflection and anticipation.

It’s a chance for the community to glean firsthand perspectives on the region’s progress and future directions.

With discussions led by prominent figures and updates on pivotal mergers, the event holds promise for valuable insights and networking opportunities for members and non-members alike.