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Sharing Skills Overseas: Palms Australia Opens Global Mission Opportunities

Sharing Skills Overseas: Palms Australia Opens Global Mission Opportunities
Image supplied | Gathering of the faithful; Left to Right: Trish, Soraya, Malcolm Gaydon, Madeleine Minns, Elia Faa, Emma Yates, David Tutty, Antony Faa

‘In the end, it’s about relationships’ said Palms Australia Executive Director Soraya Kassim.

Partnering with Palms Australia

When it comes to sharing skills and fostering relationships with communities abroad, Palms Australia stands out as a leading force.

The organisation, which provides long-term placements in the Pacific, Africa, and Asia, is dedicated to offering skilled Australians the chance to engage in meaningful global missions.

This unique opportunity not only benefits the host communities but also transforms the lives of those who participate in these placements.

Building Strong Relationships

Palms Australia’s ethos is grounded in fostering strong relationships with host communities, which is key to successful mentoring and skill sharing.

A recent gathering in Toowoomba allowed returnees to reflect on their experiences and the impact of their time spent with Palms.

Participants like Madeleine Minns, who served as an English Teacher and Community Development Mentor in Timor-Leste, shared her reflections on the experience.

Image supplied | Madeleine Minns in Atabae, Timor-Leste (2022-2023)

She noted that the two-year placements offered a profound sense of belonging and connection with the local community.

Expanding Opportunities Across Sectors

Palms Australia welcomes individuals from various sectors, including teaching, nursing, medicine, and trades. The flexibility in placements ensures that a range of skills can be matched with host communities’ needs.

As Palms participant Guida Cabrita, who mentored local teachers in Timor-Leste, advised, “Be approachable and listen and be ready to model and share what you know because you never know where it could go.”

Image supplied | Guida Cabrita at Mt Ramelau, Timor-Leste’s highest peak.

Connect with Palms Australia

For those interested in sharing their skills overseas and being part of a transformative experience, Palms Australia offers numerous opportunities for long-term placements.

Interested individuals can reach out to Palms for more information and be connected with a returnee in their area for further insight.

By participating in these overseas assignments, you can help strengthen global connections and create meaningful change.

To contact Palms Australia about overseas Global Mission, call 0422 472 567 or send an email to