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St Andrew’s Toowoomba Introduces Region’s First Rapid Access Heart Centre

St Andrew’s Toowoomba Introduces Region’s First Rapid Access Heart Centre
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Revolutionising Emergency Cardiac Care for Darling Downs

St. Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its services—a Rapid Access Heart Centre.

This pioneering facility marks a pivotal moment for the Darling Downs community, providing 24/7 emergency cardiac care and pioneering diagnostic procedures.

Fast-Track Care for Critical Moments

Imagine a place where immediate care for chest pain, palpitations, or shortness of breath is not just a promise but a reality.

St. Andrew’s Rapid Access Heart Centre is that beacon of hope. No referrals are needed; just swift, efficient care is available at any moment of need.

Cutting-Edge Facilities, Unmatched Expertise

Partnering with a team of onsite Medical Officers and Interventional Cardiologists, this centre stands tall with the region’s only dedicated Cardiac Catheter Laboratory.

It’s not just about providing emergency care; it’s about offering a spectrum of services that elevate cardiac healthcare.

Accessible Excellence

The Centre doesn’t just redefine emergency care; it reimagines accessibility.

At just a $180 facility fee (refunded if admitted to St. Andrew’s, excluding diagnostic and pathology services), this service sets a new standard for accessible, high-quality care.

A Vision for Comprehensive Care

Beyond emergency services, St Andrew’s bolsters this Centre with a 24-hour Intensive Care Unit, a Cardiac Medical Unit, and a dedicated Cardiac Catheter Laboratory.

It’s a holistic approach—a vision encompassing acute care and long-term wellness.

Revolutionising Cardiac Care

St. Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital’s Rapid Access Heart Centre isn’t just a facility; it’s a symbol of hope, innovation, and accessible excellence in healthcare.

It’s not just about treating hearts; it’s about caring for the community’s beating heart.