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Supporting Vulnerable Women in Toowoomba

Supporting Vulnerable Women in Toowoomba
Image courtesy of Facebook | Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce, Business Excellence Award 2020

An Innovative Pilot Programme

Protea Place, a unique initiative aimed at supporting vulnerable women, launched a pilot programme in Warwick in August 2023.

The service, which provided essentials such as meals, showers, clothing, and case management, demonstrated a significant need in the community, with over 300 women supported since its inception.

Community-Driven Success

The success of Protea Place’s Warwick hub hinged on community involvement. Despite no government funding and the challenges of a small rural population facing economic pressures, the community’s efforts were notable.

However, fundraising to sustain the programme proved difficult, with only 24% of the required $125,000 raised for the year ahead.

Challenges and Future Prospects

The pilot phase, intended to test the project’s viability, highlighted the urgent need for continued support. CEO Amanda Dalton acknowledged the difficulty in securing recurrent funding but remained optimistic about the community’s response.

A local group has shown interest in taking over the model and services, which could ensure the programme’s longevity.

A Model for Toowoomba

The challenges faced in Warwick offer insights for similar initiatives in Toowoomba.

The integrated support model of Protea Place, which allows women to access multiple services under one roof, could be replicated in Toowoomba, addressing the growing needs of vulnerable women in the region.

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