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Toowoomba Parking Fees Increase from July 2024

Balancing the Books with Parking

From 1st July 2024, parking fees across Toowoomba increased, aiming to balance the city’s operational costs while supporting the development of its bustling CBD.

Despite the hike, the Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) assured residents and visitors that the first 30 minutes of parking would remain free, provided they registered their session.

Mayor Geoff McDonald highlighted that the decision came as part of a broader strategy to manage parking in a growing city. “Our goal is to balance the needs of businesses, residents, and workers,” he explained. “While the fee increase is modest, it’s essential for sustaining our city’s infrastructure.”

Smart Solutions for a Growing City

As Toowoomba’s Central Business District (CBD) continued to expand, so did the demand for parking spaces. The TRC’s ongoing investments in smart parking technology aimed to improve the turnover of parking spaces, making high-demand areas more accessible.

The introduction of these technological solutions was part of the council’s efforts to encourage a shift towards more sustainable transport options. “We’re also exploring active transport solutions to reduce the number of car trips in the city centre,” Mayor McDonald added.

Understanding the New Fees

The new parking fees were structured to accommodate various parking needs, whether short-term or long-term. For instance, metered on-street parking now costs $2.20 per hour, up from $2, with the first 30 minutes remaining free.

For those parking at the Toowoomba Bus Station, the hourly rate increased to $2.90 with a daily cap of $10, slightly up from the previous $9.50.

Similar adjustments applied to other parking facilities like Neil/Annand Streets Car Park and Julia Street Car Park, reflecting a general trend towards higher fees while maintaining affordability.

Encouraging Public Transport

In a bid to further alleviate parking pressures, the Queensland State Government trialled 50 cent public transport fares on the Translink network starting August 5th, potentially encouraging more people to opt for buses over cars.

The TRC’s strategy underscored a commitment to sustainable urban growth, ensuring that Toowoomba’s parking infrastructure evolved in tandem with its vibrant cityscape.