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Toowoomba Regional Council Digitises Operations for Efficiency Boost

Toowoomba Regional Council Digitises Operations for Efficiency Boost
Image courtesy of Toowoomba Regional Council

Toowoomba, Queensland, Dec. 18— In a bid to enhance resident’s access to services, Toowoomba Regional Council is undergoing a significant technological transformation, embracing workflow automation to digitise key services.

Toowoomba’s Technological Development and Digitisation

The council has implemented the Boomi platform, replacing manual point-to-point integrations that connect various applications, including the council’s electronic document management system, ERP software, people, property, and regulatory software, property development portal, smart parking system, and waste services system.

As part of this initiative, Toowoomba Regional Council will leverage Boomi’s Flow workflow automation solution to introduce features such as direct debit requests for residents and digital signing.

This move aims to streamline processes currently involving manual handling of paper-based requests, requiring residents to download, sign, and scan documents.

Goals and effects of the project

Mark Godfrey, Toowoomba Regional Council’s senior integration developer, emphasised the importance of aligning community services with the digital lives of locals.

He stated, “Community services must complement the digital lives of locals—they need to be timely and accessible by residents while easily maintained by council staff.”

The new data framework implemented by the council seeks to create a common understanding of processes, enabling faster responses to community needs and reducing organisational risk.

Godfrey highlighted the shift away from antiquated processes that previously impacted engagement with residents, stating, “Now, we’re no longer allowing antiquated processes to impact our engagement with residents, nor allowing it to hinder our governance.”

The upgraded platform not only ensures compliance with state government requirements but also provides valuable insights into resident interactions. From capturing metrics on public requests to issuing alerts, the council can now respond to documentation demands and issues in real time.

This technological advancement aligns with Toowoomba Regional Council’s broader initiatives, including a water infrastructure refresh program.

Over the next three years, the council plans to install smart meters in 64,000 homes and businesses, leveraging Boomi to extract and share data with various systems, both internal and third-party.

This holistic approach reflects the council’s commitment to leveraging technology for improved service delivery and community engagement.



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