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Toowoomba Residents Unprepared for Snakebite Emergencies, Survey Shows

Toowoomba Residents Unprepared for Snakebite Emergencies, Survey Shows
Image courtesy of | eastern brown snake

A Dangerous Oversight

Despite over 25 snakebite cases presented to Toowoomba emergency departments in a single month alone, a recent street survey has exposed a concerning lack of knowledge about proper first aid response.

As venomous snakes such as the eastern brown and red-bellied black snakes remain a threat in the local area, this deficiency could have devastating consequences.

Street Survey Reveals Alarming Ignorance

Local Toowoomba region business, Accidental Health and Safety posted a video to Tiktok where they performed a street survey to test community readiness.

The snakebite preparedness video which can be found here shows a local first aid trainer surveying Toowoomba residents, asking them to demonstrate how to correctly apply first aid for a snakebite.

Toowoomba’s Readiness Tested

Staggeringly, only one person had the knowledge to apply a bandage to place pressure on the bite site.

“It was surprising to see how little people actually knew about first aid for snake bites, considering how often people encounter them,” said Jack from AccidentalDDI.

“We talked to dozens of people that day.

Most knew they should do something, but didn’t know what type of bandage to use or where to put it.

Critical Role of Prompt First Aid in Snakebite Cases

While not all snakebites are fatal, experts warn that a proper first aid response is critical, as urgent treatment can make a life-or-death difference.

Delayed or improper actions before reaching the hospital can significantly worsen the outcome of a venomous bite.

What can you do to prepare?

Having a snakebite bandage kit is essential. These contain one or multiple bandages that reduce the flow of venom through the body. 

By contacting emergency services, remaining still, and applying the correct bandages in the right places, you can make a difference.

Get First Aid Training

Comprehensive first aid training courses like HLTAID011 Provide First Aid include in-depth instruction and practice on correct snakebite response techniques.

A number of Toowoomba first aid providers offer this nationally recognised course.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

The video evidence and statistics make it clear – more Toowoomba residents need to get educated on basic first aid, especially for high-risk situations like snake encounters.

Getting proper training could mean the difference between life and death.