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Toowoomba’s Infrastructure Future: Advocating for Vital Growth

Toowoomba's Infrastructure Future: Advocating for Vital Growth

Federal Funding Discussions Pave the Way for Toowoomba’s Critical Projects

Toowoomba Mayor Geoff McDonald, alongside Queensland Deputy-Premier Steven Miles and a coalition of Queensland Mayors, has spearheaded talks in Canberra seeking Federal infrastructure funding. 

The urgency stems from concerns over the recommended shelving of crucial projects, notably the New England Highway Borneo Barracks entrance upgrade in the Toowoomba region.

Securing Our Seat at the Funding Table

Mayor McDonald emphasised the necessity for Toowoomba’s involvement, underscoring the potential impact of altered funding arrangements.

Discussions highlighted concerns about a possible shift to a 50-50 funding split, which could adversely affect local infrastructure projects currently sustained by an 80-20 arrangement between the Australian Government and State Governments.

Inland Rail: A Pivotal National Endeavor

McDonald reaffirmed Toowoomba’s commitment to the completion of the Inland Rail project, emphasising its monumental national significance.

The project’s potential benefits to the region are substantial, echoing the sentiment that its delivery is imperative.

Critical Projects on the Radar

Highlighting the significance of external funding, Mayor McDonald emphasised the necessity of financial support for pivotal ventures like the Cressbrook Dam Safety Upgrade.

With costs estimated between $250 and $300 million, this project’s completion by October 2025 remains crucial for flood resilience and safeguarding downstream landholders.

Advocacy for Toowoomba’s Future

These constructive discussions in Canberra underscore the ongoing efforts to collaborate with the Australian and Queensland State Governments.

Mayor McDonald expressed optimism about securing adequate funding for critical infrastructure, asserting Toowoomba’s unwavering commitment to its growth and resilience.

Looking Ahead

As Toowoomba steers towards its infrastructure goals, the Cressbrook Dam Safety Upgrade stands as a testament to the city’s proactive measures in disaster mitigation and regional development. The city’s advocacy for essential projects signifies a community dedicated to progress and preparedness.

This discourse marks a crucial step in securing Toowoomba’s infrastructural future, ensuring its continued growth and resilience.