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TRC Launches Investigation into Regional Water Security Measures

TRC Launches Investigation into Regional Water Security Measures

In a significant development this week, Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) has undertaken a commitment to investigate crucial water security measures for the region.

Water Security Measures Investigation

The decision was reached during Tuesday’s Ordinary Meeting, where the Council resolved to delve into the potential expansion of the water capacity of Cressbrook Dam as part of the imperative Dam Safety Improvement Project.

Additionally, TRC pledged its support for an exhaustive investigation into the prospective Emu Creek Dam, a venture spearheaded by the Queensland State Government.

TRC’s Water and Waste Portfolio Chair, Councillor Rebecca Vonhoff, spearheaded both motions at the meeting, emphasising that ensuring future water security stands as one of the Council’s paramount strategic priorities.

“Council recently forged partnerships with Seymour Whyte and SMEC Australia, appointing them as alliance partners for the Cressbrook Dam Safety Improvement Project, concurrently finalising a project budget totalling $270 million,” stated Cr Vonhoff.

She continued, “Now is the opportune moment for Council to amplify advocacy efforts with Federal and State Governments, exploring the potential inclusion of water capacity augmentation in Cressbrook Dam as part of the overarching project.”

The second motion, focusing on the potential Emu Creek Dam, serves as a notable signal to both State and Federal Governments, indicating TRC’s strong desire for serious consideration of Emu Creek Dam as a viable water source. This move gains significance as the Water Moreton Plan undergoes review, strategically positioning the Toowoomba Region for the future.

The two resolutions endorsed by TRC encompass the following:

  1. Proposed revised advocacy plan for Cressbrook Dam Safety Improvement Project:
  • A revised advocacy plan will be presented at the May 2024 Water and Waste Committee meeting for Council’s consideration and endorsement.
  • The plan revision will spotlight the strategic alignment of the Cressbrook Dam Project with the Australian Federal Government National Water Grid Fund. This includes exploring the potential augmentation of water capacity in Cressbrook Dam as part of the project.
  • Activities will be identified to optimise the Queensland State Government’s prioritisation of the Council’s project in applications for access to the Fund.
  1. Emu Creek Dam:
  • Council expresses support for a comprehensive investigation into Emu Creek Dam as a prospective water source for Toowoomba Regional Council.
  • Council formally requests the State Government to apply for National Water Grid Funding to facilitate this investigation.
  • Funding for Council’s request to the State Government, estimated at $50,000 by officers, will be considered during Budget Review 2.


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