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Toowoomba’s Innovative Approach to Homelessness

Toowoomba's Innovative Approach to Homelessness

In a progressive move to address homelessness, Toowoomba is set to welcome a new Critical Response Team, an initiative under the Miles Government’s comprehensive housing plan, Homes for Queenslanders.

Spearheaded by the Honourable Meaghan Scanlon, Minister for Housing, Local Government, and Planning, the team mirrors the success of its Brisbane counterpart, which has successfully housed over 430 individuals within a year.

Rapid Response in Toowoomba

The establishment of the Toowoomba Critical Response Team aims to swiftly assist individuals experiencing homelessness.

Mirroring the proven success of the Brisbane model, the team will proactively visit known areas where homelessness is prevalent, providing immediate support to find suitable accommodation.

A 20% Boost in Funding

Under the Homes for Queenslanders initiative, the Miles Government demonstrates its commitment to combat homelessness by allocating a 20% increase in funding for homelessness services.

This investment will not only strengthen existing services but also facilitate the establishment of the Critical Response Team in Toowoomba.

A Collaborative Effort for Lasting Impact

The Toowoomba team, comprising dedicated Housing and Homelessness Services staff, will collaborate with organisations such as St. Vincent de Paul, aligning with the successful Brisbane model.

This collaboration will identify individuals at risk of homelessness and address their housing needs by offering alternative accommodations.

A Personal Note from Minister Meaghan Scanlon

Minister Meaghan Scanlon emphasises the importance of every Queenslander having a safe place to live.

The expansion of Critical Response Teams to regional areas, including Toowoomba, signifies a holistic approach to addressing homelessness while the government’s broader social housing initiatives progress.